The ACT Solar Power Market

The ACT solar market and installation requirements are unique so it’s important to talk to a local fully accredited solar specialist before investing in a solar system. We can also talk you through the massive product range on the market and the difference in price, product and most importantly we can help you design the right system for your home, budget and Canberra climate.

Feed in tariff

The ACT's solar feed in tariff for home solar power systems has been one of the most generous incentive schemes in Australia. ACT and NSW electricity retailers are no longer required to give a fixed price tariff. NSW's electricity retailers are currently offering between 7c per kWh to 10c per kWh, and ActewAGL will give 7.5c per kWh. As net metering will apply, all kWh's are initially fed into the home and consumed during daylight hours and any excess fed back to the grid. For households that consume electricity during daylight hours, solar is still the best way to reduce electricity costs.


Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC), formally known as RECS are like shares and traded through brokers. Their value changes frequently. From 1 January 2013, STC's rebates reduced to '1 X multiplier' and from mid 2014. STC trading is expected to cease in mid to late 2014 and only point of sale discounts will be applicable.

Clean Energy Council Accredited

The Clean Energy Council’s accreditation scheme ensures that accredited solar providers and installers have relevant professional training, follow industry best practice, adhere to Australian standards, and regularly communicate industry changes.

We’re fully accredited in sales, design and installation and no part of our work is subcontracted – that's why we guarantee what we do.

Total management - sale, installation, service

We guide you through the entire process and... pretty much do everything for you!

  • Prepare all paperwork and seek relevant approvals.
  • Install your entire system and any alterations to electrical boards or metering.
  • Provide comprehensive guidance material and product specifications.
  • Process the sale of your STCs.
  • Inspection process with ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA).
  • Connection your system to the grid with your electricity retailer.
  • Yearly maintenance and servicing.

We’re local so we are here to maintain your system! Contact us to get a quote.